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One of my really strong desires is to help technical organizations relate more effectively with their customers. What I have seen in my 10+ years experience is that the face of customer service is so often a pretty facade but that the "Organizational Orientation" and "Role Recognition" are not fully engrained in the sense that technical organizations are service providers and that "playing with cool technology" is a by-product of that, NOT the ultimate goal.

I think this passion can translate to other areas as well, but this is one area I identify strongly with.

Another passion I have is a love of analyzing organizations. It's almost embarrassing to say, but there isn't much I enjoy more than playing on the floor with my kids than thinking and talking about organizations: how we organize, how we communicate, how we lead or manage, how we implement and use technology etc.

My graduate project was entitled "An Appreciative Approach to Understanding the Power of Tech-Talk". The basis for this research was to get at what is helpful in a computer problem-related situation where a "user" needed help from a "techie". The Appreciative Inquiry is really intended to focus on capturing core values in an organization as identified by employees, not based on any published mission statement. I tweaked it to make it work within the context of my question.

I hope this helps you to capture at least some of what drives me professionally

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